Fast approaching 50 while frequently checking the rear view mirror

Working the fenceline

On a recent trip to Broken Hill, I realised that I spend a lot of time on fencelines taking landscape photo’s of our great Australian countryside. I think it’s great fun to be cruising along keeping an eye out for something that might look interesting through my lens. These days however, I seem to stop often but upon getting out & having a “real” look with camera in hand, I’m usually quickly back in the car a little disappointed that this stop was just was not to be. I hope that’s me looking to raise the bar on my own photography & critically looking at what I shoot now & not just plain ol’ complacency. I think it’s the former. I used to shoot everything, now not so much & I hope that’s a good thing.

But then, there is the “golden hour”.. that wonderful period before & after a sunrise or sunset that can certainly produce the results I am always on the lookout for. This image was taken about 30 minutes after the sun had slipped past the horizon in the west. It was the last location of many for the day. Prior to this, I had been racing around an area of just one or two kilometers as the “golden hour” ticked away. Jumping out of the car, trudging through the roadside bush with heavy camera & tripod to fencelines that were sometimes 200 metres or so away from the road only to discover what looked interesting from the car, now looked a little “normal” as I stood watching the golden hour tick by. But then this location happened as I had almost called it quits for the day. Zooming past a little dirt road off the highway, I had a quick flash of this old tank & windmill. A quick u-turn followed & the rest is golden hour magic.

Working the fenceline !

Working the fenceline !

The shot from the fence.

Windmill at Sunset.

Windmill at Sunset.


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  1. It happens all of the time, but you have to venture out and take a look – you wouldn’t want to miss something; besides, you probably needed to stretch your legs anyway 🙂

    April 17, 2013 at 11:10 am

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