Fast approaching 50 while frequently checking the rear view mirror


In a word… or two.

I have been stalking/harassing (for want of a better word or terminology) the many , many… … many how to pages & groups on FB for a little while, & just now, have decided that no more shall I do that. It is completely doing my head in. The pressure on people – or the expectation to deliver stunning results quickly, seems to mean the basics of photography are now overlooked as the manual for the shiny new DSLR is constantly referred to in a search for the perfect settings. “What focus mode should I be in?”…”Do I toggle or leave it fixed”… “Why can’t I get my pictures to look like all those newborn shots on Pinterest?”.

I see these questions over & over again & the threads always turns into a posting rampage of assertions & what could only be described as childish bickering. I’m a little old school I guess, but certainly not a purist, & I shoot digital exclusively now.

I just wish more new & aspiring photogs would slow down a bit. Forget about the idea of having a booming photography business by the end of the holidays & just enjoy playing with the camera & learning the art of capture. So many appear to be getting lost in the sea of information & “shoot like me”,”edit like me” Youtube videos & webinars & “buy this & you will be awesome” actions & presets, that some end up giving up photography after all that as just being too hard when they can’t “quickly” produce the images like all the wonderful examples they see on the internet. That can only be a bad thing for photography in general.

Just my opinion.


A word about Blogging, how on earth can you find the time to blog? On the one hand I travel a bit through Central Australia with work. It’s full of photographic gems, whizzing by all day as we travel to the next town.I see so much yet record so little these days. Forgive me dear blog, for I neglect you nearly as much as my Photography at the moment. Time for a holiday I think. Sleep in a motel with no real place to go in the morning for a change.